Tae Lee – Social Media in Public Relations (COMM3370)


My name is Tae Lee and I am a Senior at the University of Missouri St. Louis. I will graduate in December with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications as well as 2 certificates (Public Relations & Advertising). I am Korean American and I love sports (Esp. THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS!!!!!!!!) I love watching sports, playings sports, talking about sports. Etc. My life consists of family, education, work, food, and FANTASY FOOTBALL! (If you need any advice or help or even questions about your lineups and players, let me know.. haha.. but seriously let me know and I’ll help you out). I also play Clash of Clans too.. but im getting off topic..

Best record in the league!!!

Best record in the league!!!

What I expect out of this class

I am interning at UMSL Transfer Services this semester for my practicum, therefore a lot of social media will be used for my internship. I should learn not only Facebook and YouTube but other tools as well to further my knowledge in social media. Although I have blogged before (for classes), I would like to go more in depth of blogging and maybe be a somewhat of a famous blogger. I am super excited about this course and I hope that I learn a lot during this semester.