Zippy Shoe Co. ZipFactor

Zippy Shoe Company: The Zipfactor

September 30, 2015 Tae Lee


I’ve had mixed experiences with running shoes in the past. I’m a fanatic of long distance runs. The thing is First, these shoes wear and tear the soles of my shoes. Second, because of the soles tearing off after my runs, my knee are getting a bit banged up. I own up to 4 different pairs of running shoes (Wikes, Zeeboks, Runder Armour, and Zumas) and after a couple months, they all end up on my shoe rack or donations. Most of these shoes that I can recollect were shoe’s that actually made my feet ache due to a fit and performarnce issue.

Given my negative experience with the shoes I had before, I gave the new Zipfactor from Zippy Shoe Co. a try, and boy was I amazed.

zip factor 1


The Zipfactor weighs in at 8.3 oz in men’s size 10.5 (my shoe size), and sole stack heights are 24mm heel, 20mm forefoot. I wear my normal size 10.5 in this shoe and length is very good.

The Fit

The Zipfactor fits me far better than the Zeeboks or Runder Armour ever did. I’ve run about 10-30 miles in them, with a long run of a bit over 5 miles, and the comfort has been awesome. This is a bit of a wide shoe and that’s perfect for me because I have a wider foot than other people. The toe/upper part of the shoe does not have a lot of cushioning, but I have not experienced any squeezing, pain or other discomfort like I did with my previous running shoes.

The Sole

The sole is what really makes the Zipfactor sparkle for me. It provides the journey that I had hoped I’d get which is soft and buttery smooth. The Zip-DNA blend midsole is a perfect match for my stride and also takes a lot of compression away from the knees. It’s soft on impact, yet irrepressible enough to deliver some spring-back. I’ve run 9+ miles in the Zipfactor in a single run with no issues, and would have no hesitation in using this as a marathon shoe.

zipfactor sole


The Zippy Shoe Co. ZipFactor is by far, one of my favorite shoes so far this year, and one that I would consistently grab for longer, slower miles on the road. It’s not a fast shoe, but it isn’t intended to be that. Rather, I’d call this a lightweight training shoe or a half/full marathon racer.

The Zippy Co. ZipFactor is available for purchase at FootRocker, Finish Fine, and Tourney’s. Purchases through these links help to support this site – thanks!

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