Blog Post 9

The video that I chose conveying a message without a direct selling approach was the Verizon “A better network as explained by backup quarterback Luke McCown.” (Watch it here)

First, I would like to explain the background of this commercial. I would like to explain this because if you don’t watch football you will not get the content behind the message in this ad. Luke McCown is the backup quarterback for Drew Brees. Drew Brees has been a star Quarterback with the New Orleans Saints since 2004. Drew Brees has broken records, went to multiple pro bowls, and well on his way to the hall of fame.

Now, Luke McCown implements about Verizons “backup generators” but doesn’t directly throw out a sales pitch. Since McCown has been a backup quarterback for so long, the commercial uses a witty approach. McCown states in the commercial “I wonder why they save those backups? And not just put them in the regular rotation” stating in a metaphorical way as to using McCown instead of Drew Brees time to time. Then the final punchline “I bet if they just had the chance, some of those backups would really shine” once again talking about himself being a backup quarterback and shining when he gets the chance.

This commercial is just gold, the video is appealing because first, it grabs the NFL fans attention because it’s not a “star player” that is on the commercial. Second, the dry humor and the witty tactic made this commercial so funny. Luke McCown just looks so lonely by himself which is part of the humor.

This video got 151k views and the general sentiment from the comment section was very humorous. What was crazy was that after this commercial aired, Drew Brees actually got injured not too shortly after this commercial aired. A lot of comments referred to Luke “finally being able to shine” which I thought was very funny. The comments and statements do agree upon my opinion of the humorous approach of this commercial. I wouldn’t agree to let Luke McCown start as the Quarterback, but either would anyone else after his horrendous performance after Drew Brees got hurt. Overall, this commercial did a great job with their humorous approach and therefore, this ad was very appealing.


Blog Post 8: Content Rich Website

The website I chose to be considered a content-rich website is Supplement Superstore. The reason I chose this site is because it’s simple yet informational. This site delivers on rich content of the supplements that they distribute. This is awesome to beginners who want to start weight training or even to just become healthier. Supplement superstore is based in Missouri and a couple stores are in Illinois. This site delivers all the locations, information, and even news and events. What I really like about this site is the manager spotlight and manager picks. This brings new information about new supplements that are not popular or not well known about. These managers are actual managers from each store, so I think those are better than ads just to “buy our stuff”. This website to me is King of all supplement websites. I say this because there are bigger and more content supplements sites out there, but it just looks too overwhelming to purchase anything. I rather stick with the site that is easy on the eyes and easy to use.

If I was to change this website, the only thing I would change is the social media tabs being on the top. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because I have been interning and looking at websites and social media all day, but it really bothers me when I cannot automatically connect with their social media and actually search for it on their website. I can’t stress enough, social media is as important as the information provided on the website, that would be the only thing I would change.

Blog Post 7

Facebook: We want the same great taste, and a healthier way of feeding your family. Original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in the U.S. will no longer be made with artificial preservatives or synthetic colors. We want the same great taste, and a healthier way of feeding your family. We still deliver the same great taste that people know and love from the iconic “blue box.” For more information, visit #HealthisWealth #SameGreatTaste #TeamBlueBox

mac n cheese

Twitter: No more preservatives, no more synthetic colors. Same great taste and a healthier option, because here at Kraft, what you serve your family is the utmost importance. Check us out at #HealthyMac #HealthyCheese

mac n cheese

Zippy Shoe Co. celebrates their launch with the new ZipFactor

St. Louis, MO Today, Zippy Shoe Co. a show company that specializes in running shoes for all runners for all ages is taking the running community by storm due to their new model the ZipFactor. This company takes the science of running and comfort to a whole different level due to the Zip-DNA blend midsole. This helps with the soft impact that is easy on the knees as well as the foot and also delivers enough spring back for that long marathon runs.

On Twitter,

Zippy Shoe Co. Announces the new Zip Factor

@ZippyShoeCo: #ZipFactor will change the game, check us out.

“”We are so excited of promoting the future of running shoes, I guarantee that our shoes will make a difference in people’s lives whether is for health, training, or overall daily use,” said Prad Bitt, the president of Zippy Shoe Co. “We’re absolutely electrified to have exceeded our project of building one of the best shoes for running, but the real acknowledgement is owed to our customers and employees who incorporated the essence of this cause and joined us on this long adventure. We hope more people will keep this outstanding thrill by supporting our efforts as well as the company”.

For more information about Zippy Shoe Co. visit More information on ways to get involved is available on Zippy Shoe Co. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.