Zippy Shoe Co. celebrates their launch with the new ZipFactor

St. Louis, MO Today, Zippy Shoe Co. a show company that specializes in running shoes for all runners for all ages is taking the running community by storm due to their new model the ZipFactor. This company takes the science of running and comfort to a whole different level due to the Zip-DNA blend midsole. This helps with the soft impact that is easy on the knees as well as the foot and also delivers enough spring back for that long marathon runs.

On Twitter,

Zippy Shoe Co. Announces the new Zip Factor

@ZippyShoeCo: #ZipFactor will change the game, check us out.

“”We are so excited of promoting the future of running shoes, I guarantee that our shoes will make a difference in people’s lives whether is for health, training, or overall daily use,” said Prad Bitt, the president of Zippy Shoe Co. “We’re absolutely electrified to have exceeded our project of building one of the best shoes for running, but the real acknowledgement is owed to our customers and employees who incorporated the essence of this cause and joined us on this long adventure. We hope more people will keep this outstanding thrill by supporting our efforts as well as the company”.

For more information about Zippy Shoe Co. visit More information on ways to get involved is available on Zippy Shoe Co. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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