Blog Post 10

The first photo below is is from the brand Under Armour (Facebook)

under armour

The message that Under Armour is sending in my opinion, is passion. This kid waking up at the crack of dawn, stringing up his laces with his soccer cleats shows the message of perseverance and a passion. This shows that when you wake up, first thing is to do is to dream which this pictures is showing. The reaction from the audience on the Facebook page, is a welcoming affection of supporting Under Armour products. The audience engages and mostly writes positive messages alongside of the post of this picture.

The second photo I chose was from the brand RedBull (Facebook)


The message that Red bull is sending is to “live for the moment”. Right now the “EDC” (Electronic Dance Carnival) culture is raving up cities. This shows that with Red bull picture, to live for the moment, energize, and just live!  A huge following which tons of music, and energy is flowing, it is a perfect situation and brand imaging for Red bull to be apart of. The reaction from the audience is strictly related to the EDC movement. Most people are saying how Red Bull has been around the EDC scene and also hosting alot of these EDC events. “Good Vibes and Redbull” seemed to be pretty popular on the reply posts.

The third and last photo I chose was from the one and only Coca Cola (Facebook)

coca cola

The message that Coca Cola is sending is to pretty much “Relax and enjoy a Coke”. They use the little Coke bottle top to portray an umbrella which was very creative. I like how its two people just totally relaxed under a shade and metaphorically showing that Coca Cola literally “Keeps you cool”. Very creative. The reaction from the audience seemed to be just how the followers enjoys Coke. Not alot of topics about the beach but just the monster following of how Coke is so good and relevant in their lives. Awesome idea, and better picture.


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