Week 12 Blog – Podcast

The podcast that I chose that interests me is a podcast from Yahoo called “Yahoo Fantasy Freakshow Podcast“.  This podcast is uploaded on every Tuesday night at 6oclock eastern time.

I would like to first explain what this podcast is about. This podcast gives specific detailed information about everything thats Fantasy Football. This explains who to start, who the experts like/dislike, matchups, etc. This is an ideal way to get information for a specific player or a team.

This podcast is way better than watching ESPN or even reading the news because its a detailed debate/convseration about everything thats going on in the NFL. The specificity is the reason why I listen every week. They include each player that sparks up an interest with its owners. Most shows like SportsCenter only talks about the whats buzzing in NFL news or the big matchup, but they dont get in depth with the players or the smaller matchups.

This episode “Week 9 Fantasy Freakshow Podcast”  is the upcoming information for week 10. Who to start, who to sit, who is a great matchup. Its all here. I listen to this every week to make sure my fantasy football team wins.


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