Blog Post 12- Brand buyers persona

The brand’s buyer persona is a strategy of an expressive importance that involves the everyday life of a buyer to potentially become an idea customer. The target should be to simply break the demographic and socioeconomic specifics of what our buyers are attracted to.

One of my target examples would be women. For years now, beauty is the essential target to a women and this is a fact. If I was a makeup company I would channel the information of beauty, ageless, perfect skin etc. This channel would automatically catch a female’s attention whether it’s cognitive or non-uncognitive due to the message that represents which is beauty.

Another brand buyer personas I would target is “Mothers”. With mothers, they will do anything for their child, not matter what cost. The channels I would use would be “Healthy baby” or “How your child will be safe”. A mothers love is infinite and for that, a buyer persona profile can be made.


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