Blog post 14


There are so many things that I found valuable in this course that I don’t even know where to start. One of the things I found very valuable in the ethics portion. Treating your customers and the competition respectfully was one of the most important parts that I valued in this course. Although business is business having a classy character does way more than bring up sales, it brings in respect from everyone. Another part that I found valuable was the online marketing segment of this course. The do’s and dont’s and how to approach a certain type of demographics in the best way gave me great insight of how online marketing works. This course has been a blast and I learned so much!


Blog Post 13 – Whistler

After looking at Whistler‘s webpage and reading some of their news releases, I saw the difference of this page compared to traditional news releases. Whistlers Tourism site shows different images and a nicely made video that pleases the eye. Traditional news releases are pretty much a press release that might add an image or two.

If I was a journalist, I would find the the media room extremely useful. This is because there is so much information to obtain just by the media releases alone! Whistler is very active on their site and the coverage of media, print etc. is so informational! From their Black Mountain opening to the Tough Mudder challenge, for outdoor or just activities, this media room is top notch. (just added to my bookmarks).