Blog Post 4: A Fathers Love

A Father’s Love,

Devon Stills, defensive tackle drafted in 2012 from the Cincinnati Bengals played two seasons with the team before getting cut late August 2015. Players come and go, fighting for a spot in the 53 man roster but this is a different type of fight for Devon Stills. Devon’s daughter Leah was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in June 2014, Stills stated, “She is fighting for her life”. As a father I can’t imagined what is more painful than seeing their child awaiting for their death. This didn’t stop Devon though, he had to save his child’s life. Playing in the NFL is not a walk in the park. These camps are gruesome, violent, and most of all nerve wrecking. Literally, every move you make, you are being surveillance by the team coaches and coordinators. One wrong move, you could be kicked off the team faster than a drop of a hat. This didn’t stop Devon though, Devon fought for a spot, not for fame, not for glory, but for his daughter’s life. Stills HAD to make the make due to the medical bills staggering up to the upper $300k for Leah’s treatment. Stills had to lift weights, execute plays, and learn new materials, all in the while of his daughter sitting in her death. Stills gave it all that he had but prior August 2014, Devon Stills got cut from the Cincinnati Bengals 53 man roster.

In this moment, I cannot imagine what was going through Devon’s mind. He has a daughter in the hospital with stage 4 cancer and now he is now unemployed. The following day, he gets a call from the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals, knowing his Devon’s situation re-signed Stills to the practice squad to help him pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment!

devon stills

But wait! There’s more great news! The Bengals demonstrated their loyalty by giving 100 percent of Still’s jersey sales to Leah’s treatment and the Pediatric Cancer research in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital! $400,000 sales were made in four days and at the end of September it was reported that Stills jersey donation neared 1 million dollars!


On March 18th, 2015 Stills announced that Leah had undergone surgery to get the tumor out and that she was now cancer free!

On late August 2015, Stills was cut from the practice squad from the Bengals organization. Stills wrote on his Instagram “Have nothing but love for the Bengals organization and the city of Cincinnati. Both helped me through one of the darkest times of my life and I am forever grateful. It’s time to move forward and see what’s next”. (Read the whole article USA Today)


It is truly amazing what a parent will do for their children. Being a parent is not only looking after your children. As Stills demonstrated “Being a parent means loving your children more than you’ve ever loved yourself.



Click the link on top for information of how Leah is doing as well as Devon.


Brand that uses Social Media – NFL

The brand that I chose that uses social media to give real-time updates to their customers is the NFL.


Although some people don’t think NFL is a brand, it very much is. What’s great about NFL is that they give real time updates as soon as they get the information. They even use NFL Mobile to ensure a mobile friendly update, schedules, reports etc. NFL has to regulate 32 teams and within those teams, their players, schedules, coaching staff, etc. NFL uses real life updates which is huge for loyal fans and fantasy football enthusiasts. NFL uses FaceBook and Twitter for both one way communication (mostly) but often reply back to people on social media as well. A way that I think that the NFL could Improve social media is to reach out to more “non-football states”. Recently NFL shared a short story about a city in Barrow, Alaska which was different from their original posts. I think that if the NFL did more of these kinds of posts, they would get more of a positive image than just a money hungry organization.

Blog Post 2 – Viral Brand that wasnt a brand

The Viral YouTube video I chose that was related to a brand, but not created by the brand itself is a brand called Old Spice. I don’t think anyone recalls of old spice before these famous viral commercials were all over the internet and television sets. Old spice commercials, videos, etc. appeals to a broad audience through its humor and witty content. It portrays the company as “fun” or “energetic” as well as being very entertaining to people of all ages.

The character that made it all happen, Isaiah Mustafa

old spice

This guy was the startup of a viral trend of commercials for old spice. From riding on a horse to magically appearing in your kitchen all oiled up, who wouldn’t find this humorous? As time went on, they used a new character Terry Crews.


Terry Crews was equally as funny and most important, CRAZY AND LOUD! This showed the audience of that crazy energetic yet manly type of appeal which also helped portray Old Spice of what it is today!

How Old Spice went Viral (Watch how it all started here!)

Importance of Social Media during Crisis Management

The importance of social media goes far and beyond during a crisis. Social media can reach millions of people in matter of minutes. The post they write in those matter of minutes are going to save or kill the reputation of the company as a whole. In my opinion, I believe that a company should be truthful and explain to their followers of what went wrong and how they plan to fix it. Domino’s is a great example of overcoming a crisis when they were deep in the whole, read it here (Dominos Overcoming Crisis).

So what happens if social media chatter is ignored? One word, disaster. Applebee’s Crisis is an example that all companies should follow of what NOT to do. So what happened?

“A pastor who had eaten at an Applebee’s restaurant crossed out the automatic 18% tip charged for parties of more than eight and wrote “I give God 10% why do you get 18” above her signature. A waitress at the restaurant took a photo of this and posted it on Reddit. She was subsequently fired for “violating customer privacy” which would have been understandable if Applebee’s had not posted a similar receipt that was complimenting them just 2 weeks prior”.


Applebee’s decided to defend their actions on their Facebook page. This quickly drew over 10,000 mostly negative comments, to which Applebee’s started responding by posting the same comment over and over again. They were also be accused of deleting negative comments and blocking users.

B1 B2 B3

They dug a deeper hole as Applebee’s persisted to defend their actions and argue with users that criticized them. By the following day, after the original post had generated over 19,000 comments, Applebee’s decided to hide the post which only created more anger. If Applebee’s just owned up to their hypocritical mistake and made a public apology, things could have turned another way. Lesson of the day, own up to your mistake and people will acknowledge your sincerity.

Tae Lee – Social Media in Public Relations (COMM3370)


My name is Tae Lee and I am a Senior at the University of Missouri St. Louis. I will graduate in December with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications as well as 2 certificates (Public Relations & Advertising). I am Korean American and I love sports (Esp. THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS!!!!!!!!) I love watching sports, playings sports, talking about sports. Etc. My life consists of family, education, work, food, and FANTASY FOOTBALL! (If you need any advice or help or even questions about your lineups and players, let me know.. haha.. but seriously let me know and I’ll help you out). I also play Clash of Clans too.. but im getting off topic..

Best record in the league!!!

Best record in the league!!!

What I expect out of this class

I am interning at UMSL Transfer Services this semester for my practicum, therefore a lot of social media will be used for my internship. I should learn not only Facebook and YouTube but other tools as well to further my knowledge in social media. Although I have blogged before (for classes), I would like to go more in depth of blogging and maybe be a somewhat of a famous blogger. I am super excited about this course and I hope that I learn a lot during this semester.